Out of the Dark (Five #1) by Holli Anderson

Out of the Dark (Five, #1)Out of the Dark by Holli Anderson

I really wish this book had been able to decide what it wanted to be. It’s really three separate, but related storylines, none of which are fully developed because they’re all sharing space in a fairly short book.

I found myself reading in stops and starts because there would be something interesting going on, and then it would get too slow and devolve into a lot of skimming along the top of the story without really giving us any detail or depth and I’d get bored. Then something else would pop up and I’d start again and then it’d slow again. And it’s a real shame because there are some good ideas here, but it just doesn’t know what it wants to be.

In flavor this is a Harry Dresden light with magical teenagers. The author introduces all kinds of supernatural critters with a kind of reckless abandon and while we hear a lot of names, the readers don’t know much about what makes one creature different from another or how these teenagers manage to learn enough to fight them from experimentation and a little white book.

The ending isn’t particularly satisfying. The book hits one major climax, then kind of restarts with an extra 20 pages or so that it really there to introduce the next book and tie off a few ends way too quickly. I would really have loved to see this book with those last pages removed and more time given to the development of the characters and the pacing of the first part of the book.

Would I read the next one, which is one of the defining questions in this situation at the start of a new series? Maybe. If it was the right price and hit me on the right day, but I’m not rushing off to buy it. So a solid mid range, but I really wanted more.

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