Off to LTUE

I suppose there’s really not much ‘off to’ given that LTUE (Life the Universe and Everything fantasy symposium) is only about a 45 minute drive away and I’m coming home every night, but it sounds more fun to be off to a conference.

This should be an interesting experience as the last time I went to LTUE was about 20 years ago. At that time the conference was help on the Brigham Young University campus and fairly grudgingly at that. It was made up of mostly students with a few “weird old people” and was a three day geek-a-thon with panels, author signings, role playing games and singing weird music into the wee hours when campus cops came around and kicked us out. These days it’s apparently become more academic and draws well over 1000 people to the Provo Marriott Convention Center. It’s a far cry from our tiny rooms in the Wilkinson Center where the sound never worked quite right, and finding a bottle of anything caffeinated was nearly impossible.

I’m looking forward to the whole thing, even if this time around I am one of the weird old people. Geek never dies…and this time I’m bringing my own Dr. Pepper.

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