Sometimes Process is a Funny Thing

red pen

For nearly a month I’ve been struggling with a couple of outlines. The stories are in my brain. I know generally how they go and I’m excited about them. However, when it comes to getting the outline down I’ve been here, there and everywhere. (And I would write the in a box and I would write them with a fox…and… ahem).

Now, I am a combination of a pantser and a plotter. I let a lot of the character development and relationships grow organically, but I do a lot better with staying on task when I have a good outline, so I need that too.

In the last few days I have figured out the problem. I was outlining sitting up. As soon as I switched over to a notebook and flopped on the floor (Not always an easy thing after 40) the outlines began to flow. Next time I’ll pull out my old body pillow for a more comfortable flop, but right now I’m just happy to have found my outline, funny process or not. :)

So what’s your oddity in process? Do you need to come flop on the floor with me? I’ll bring extra pillows!

8 thoughts on “Sometimes Process is a Funny Thing

    • Isn’t it funny how things come to us? I can write all kinds of non fiction at the computer with no problem, but getting those initial starts…apparently the handwritten floor flop is where it’s at. :)

  1. I like to write in notebooks until I really have a grasp on where a story is going and who the characters are (they rarely end up being who I thought they were when I started) before starting the real work of outlining. I agree that ideas flow better through a pen than a keyboard.

  2. I like the idea of adding things in the margins, mostly I don’t start doing that until I’m on the computer. If I used marker of any sort I fear it’d be all over my hands. :)

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