Review: Magic Stars

Magic Stars (Kate Daniels, #8.5)Magic Stars by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is prolly a 3.75 for me though not quite a 4.

I like the world of Kate Daniels and the writing of the duo that makes up Ilona Andrews, so I was thrilled to see a novella to tide us over to the next book. I was also happy to see that it would be featuring Derek and Julie, who are both interesting characters in their own rights.

It was an interesting read which covered a lot of ground in a short book. The plot is very specific to one incident though there are a lot of implications which tie into the larger arc of the Kate books. Everything begins with a murder and a job to find a fractured stone, Derek looking into the former and Julie the later but the two quickly overlap taking them into trouble.

It was interesting to see versions of Derek and Julie without the filter of Curran and Kate. Derek has always been interesting to me in his loyalty to Curran and Kate and his dedication to the Pack. He’s had a lot of tragedy and it’s certainly affected him and his search for a place to belong is powerfully appealing.

Julie as well is interesting and has been as she’s been growing into her place not only as Kate’s ward, but as a young woman with her own powers and desires. We see here that she’s come a LONG way in her abilities, both magically and in combat. Most of this has happened off screen and so to me her prowess was jarring. It seemed odd that she was so good at everything and developing such ability and power and managing to keep a lot of that secret. There was also a little TOO much Kate in her as far as Julie’s dialog and wit. I wanted her to be more distinctly -her- and not a little, younger Kate. There are also implications about how her power is growing which is going to cause big problems for Kate in future books.

It was interesting to see the pair of them work together. There’s an underlying romance there, which has always been in the books and while I’m not a huge Derek/Julie shipper, I don’t mind it either. I was glad it’s still a simmering romance and didn’t progress too far as Julie is just 16, but it was well done.

So all in all totally worth the cash and the time and a worthy entry in the Magic world.

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