Book Review: Exile of the Crown

Exile of the Crown (The Crown of Tremontane #2.5)Exile of the Crown by Melissa McShane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Exile of the Crown is a novella lengthen piece, though it’s really four shorter pieces all pulled together to show what happened to Queen Zara after the events of Servant of the Crown, bringing her timeline up to speed.

I was a big fan of Zara in Servant of the Crown and wanted her to get more ‘screen’ time, so it was really fun to get these glimpses of what came next for the character and how she built herself a new life. I like seeing the deep emotions she’s capable of, all while never giving up her innate bossy Zaraness. She may not be Queen of Tremontane anymore, but she is still Lady of all she surveys.

You definitely do NOT want to start reading the Tremontane books here. This one really needs to be read after Servant of the Crown and Rider of the Crown and before Agent of the Crown. There are secrets revealed which will really mess up reading the other books if you start here.

* I received Exile as an ARC. Lucky me. :)

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: Exile of the Crown

    • Thank you. I try to be accurate and fair and occasionally amusing. :) I’ll warn you I don’t always get this many reviews up in a week. I try, but my sweet toddler comes before reading – even if sometimes I’d really rather read than watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse AGAIN, and I am a writer as well so I’m not sure if you would find that a conflict of interest. I don’t think so, but I know some folks do. I think it’d be lots of fun to have reviews included in your digest.

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